Dr Hausman is very knowledgeable in his profession and has saved me many times. He’s a miracle worker!
Janie J.

Always welcoming experience and great service provided.
Corey B.

Dr. Hausman listened to my problem areas, educated me on his adjustments, and made the adjustments. He even texted the next day to check on me.
Lauren C.

talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show stopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique, completely not ever been done before, etc!
Max C.

Coming into Robby’s office is a breath of fresh air. From the cheerful chit-chat to the adjustment, I always feel like I’m in the best care. My last adjustment was much needed & I feel like a new person!
Jai G.

Thank you so much. Thank you for the care and thank you for explaining to me how all things work and why you do what you do. Very informative and knowledgeable on what the care is going to be like.
Fergie F.

Thank you for listening carefully and for your deep healing touch.
Martha P.

Dr. Hausman is professional, attentive, and personable. He is also highly knowledgeable about his craft making him an excellent practitioner. He has helped lessen the pain in my lower back and increased my mobility. I highly recommend.
Emily R.

Dr. Rob is excellent at his craft he really does care that you get well and stay well. I’ve said this before and I’m not kidding you feel better just walking in the door the atmosphere is conducive to Healing .
Russell S.

The Doc is always on time with a caring smile and sensitive to my requirements. I have seen a number of chiropractors over the years, from DNFT to crack your back and loads in between. Robert’s adjustments are always effective and gentle.
Janet B.

Background: I was in a car accident – rear ended by an F250 truck in my small Toyota corolla. Car was totaled. Due to the whiplash and strength of impact, i decided to go to a chiropractor to get checked. I found Dr. Hausman via google search. This was my first time going to chiropractor and dealing with a medical claim. Dr. Hausman was very informative and walked me through his process, what I should expect, and what the adjustments did for my pain. He also walked me through what happens with the claim process, next steps, etc. He was extremely professional and had amazing bedside manner. He is clearly experienced and knowledgeable as he found all the pain points right away. He also listened to my feedback on how i felt after the adjustment to ensure he addressed any discomfort remaining. Also shout out to his team, Meg and Terri, who ensured I got scheduled as soon as they could fit me in, accommodating my schedule changes, and provided exceptional hospitality. Also, the office is a wonderful set up: clean, lovely ambiance, decor, and complimentary refreshments. All in all, amazing experience and happy I came to see Dr. Hausman. I highly recommend him!!
Rebekah G.

I always feel so well taken care of. The staff are excellent and Dr. Hausman is so warm and welcoming. I feel like I’m visiting family vs. visiting the doctor’s office. Highly recommend!
Emmy H.

Dr. Hausman knows and love his patients. I’m so grateful for him and his Chiropractic expertise!
Valerie L.

Amazing!! Dr Hausman is truly knowledge, patient and good at what he does. My sister and myself left feeling like someone waved magic wand at us. She is 7 months pregnant and myself tensions headache and neck and shoulder pain were everyday event.
Alexandra V.

Dr. Hausman’s is the gold standard! His results are always impressive. He and his staff are professional and friendly. ‘Never disappoints!
Lynn M.

I am so thrilled that I made an appointment with Dr. Hausman! My already stiff back turned painful and I walked away from my appointment feeling immediate relief from both. I’m active so I was really scared I may have injured myself. I already have my next appointment and will go back as needed so I can keep doing the activities that I love. Thank you!!
Allison D.

I have had issues with my neck for years, Dr Rob is excellent with adjusting me and lowering my pain level to keep my debilitating headaches at bay. I’ve been to many chiropractors that have made me worse, I stick with Dr Rob, he knows how to handle my ‘rogue’ neck!
Cathy M.

Dr. Hausman is attentive and attuned to what treatment will be best for me each visit. He is friendly, down to earth, and really cares about his patients and their experiences. The office is comfortable and always clean. Meg is super nice and helpful too!
Loren L.

Dr. Hausman is simply the best. He is very attentive to his patients needs and follows the best practices to help the patient with desired relief. I came here for headaches that were debilitating and with only 4-5 sittings its getting better. I recommend him hands down.
Soumya S.

I always feel welcomed and care for when I enter the office. When I leave I always feel better physically mentally and spiritually. Dr. Haussmann is a true healer!
Joanie M.

Dr. Hausman was very friendly and informative. He was genuine about helping me with my symptoms.
Debra H.

Dr. Hausman is the best! He’s very knowledgeable, and really cares about his patients. I recommend him to everyone!
Tara B.

Robby is bay far the most knowledgeable chiropractor I’ve been to. Everytime I go see him I have instant relief. He genuinely cares about me and my progress! He really does work magic
Nathallie M.

Dr. Hausman is amazing! I love going to see him. His staff is professional and helpful. I highly recommend him as a doctor.
Tina B.

Dr. Robby is the absolute best! His adjustments keep my body feeling great, and his presence is naturally healing. He’s compassionate, attentive, and hilarious!! I’m so grateful to have him in my life as my chiropractor, my boss, and most importantly my friend!
Meg H.

I was really in trouble – worst twisted and in pain w some deadness in leg and foot. Scared to have an adjustment frankly- after years of work w chiro’s. Dr Housman has an unusually light touch that achieves the same adjustments without doing the usual chiropractor jump-drop on each side of ones body- at least once each side per visit! That unusual light touch I questioned the first 2 times I visited Housman- and I pushed him to pop or adjust more as I was used to from a life of other Chiropractors. But No Dr Housman said- “let’s just see how this works- if you need more, we can then do more.” Honestly I though it couldn’t have been enough to work. But it was enough- and while I always have some hurt after adjustments- this was so much less- and he gets the job done with a lot less stress on the joints! Not only is his light touch less hurtful or invasive each visit- I sincerely believe it must be less waring on the joints. I most highly recommend Dr Haussmann to anybody seeking the services of a Chiropractor, and especially beginners seeing a Chiro the first time. Nuff Said, Thanks Doc!!!!
Larry P.

I’ve been an advocate for chiropractic care for over 30 years and it is ALWAYS a pleasure visiting Hausman Chiropractic! Friendly staff and the doc’s magic hands get right to relieving any crick, twist or strain that might be ailing you! Highly recommend their professional services!
Amy O.